Berry detox

Welcome to a detox weekend - the perfect rest for heart, body, mind and spirit!

If detox, then only in spring! Right now is the perfect time to cleanse the body of toxins, a chance to get rid of extra pounds (lucky him who did not accumulate them in the winter…), as well as free the mind from excess thoughts.

Our vegan berry detox restores balance and awakens vitality.

What can you expect?

Sample menu:


You may be asking yourself: is it for me?


(There are probably no health contraindications for a millet detox. It’s not a starvation diet.)

So what? Are you coming

We can already hear your “YES” and see that you are packing your suitcase.
All you need to do is throw in a tracksuit and other comfortable clothes, shoes suitable for long walks, maybe a book, but make sure that you do not take the hustle and bustle of the city with you, stress and tension associated with the responsibilities of everyday life – let it all stay with you .

With us you will slow down the pace and turn off the mental autopilot whispering commands in the style of: “I have to”, “I should”, “You have to”.

You will breathe and allow yourself to rest (and by the way, you will give the world a break from yourself, it also needs it).

You will feel how nature comes to life and we guarantee – a new life will also awaken in you!

You will listen to silence instead of the noise of everyday life – you will hear the flapping of wings of cranes flying in the sky, maybe the rustle of trees, and your evenings will be illuminated by stars instead of the light smog of the city. You will take a forest bath in a beautiful, unspoiled forest while strolling around the lake.

On our terrace you can relax in the sun during the day, wrap a blanket in the evening and maybe start dreaming, planning various pleasures.

You will disconnect for a moment from the phone, computer, TV, because our program also involves mental detox .
Instead, we offer a rich library with valuable literature.

This is where it is about you . Because well-groomed You means more happiness and peace for your loved ones – it simply means a better world.


3-Day Detox

(Friday – Sunday)

PIRCE: 840 zł/1 person.
(double room, to be used also by one person)

5-Day Detox

(Friday – Tuesday)

PRICE: 1860 zł/1 person.

The dates are spreading like hot buns! Book yours:

phone: +48 602 141 942

or write:

The fee includes a guarantee of 3 meals a day with a twelve-hour break between dinner and breakfast, which will allow full cleansing of toxins.

Included for those who wish:

Expected and desired side effects of detox:

Leading meditation, relaxation, breathing sessions, forest baths – Renata Gwara (psychologist, psychotherapist). Joint chatting by the fireplace – Renata & Łukasz – passionate about living close to nature and the good life. Let’s get to know each other and spend a wonderful time together, conducive to purification and renewal! WE ARE ALREADY WAITING FOR YOU!

Zagaje Guesthouse

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