Attractions of Miastko Municipality
Three aquatic nature reserves:
Two protected landscape areas:

Almost half of the municipality’s area is forest.
Clean water and green grass; mushrooms, berries and fish in abundance.
Hamer spring and hunting wigwam.
Robber Rummel, who took from the rich and gave to the poor.
The amber grinding plant in Swierzno

Worth seeing in Miastko
Spend a special time at Zagaje Guesthouse
Worth seeing around Miastko
Hiking trails
Marked hiking and biking trails.
Surrounding attractions
Each Guest of Zagajski Guesthouse has the right to decide independently about the form of spending their free time. We don’t want to impose anything, because if someone simply wants to relax by “doing nothing” then they have every right to do so 🙂 This will certainly be fostered by the presence of a relaxation house, where Guests have the opportunity to use the sauna and the tea corner overlooking the park. In addition, we invite you to our library, where you can find many interesting items of literature and a range of board games that will guarantee many hours of entertainment. However, if you feel like spending time a bit more actively, we have prepared a list of many attractions available in the Guest House and its surroundings. In an independent building is located a billiard room with a high-quality sound system and projector. In addition, guests can enjoy a game of billiards or dart. Translated with (free version)

Undoubtedly, the biggest attraction in the area, making our Guesthouse unique in Poland, is its location by the Roaring Deer, which is just outside the fence. According to information taken from our forester, there are about 700 deer in the surrounding forests. During the mating season between September and October, every day and night you can hear the roars of deer and observe their spectacular horn fights. The guesthouse is located next to the forest, on Lake Piasek, which belongs to the Miasteczko Lakes Trail and is included in the Natura 2000 program. It is a lobelly lake, characterized by exceptionally clear and transparent water, ideal for diving. The surrounding forest is a great place for fans of Nordic walking, cycling or hiking. During such outings you may come across our neighbors, a family of beavers and many other animals, especially birds. In autumn, the surrounding forests are full of mushrooms. Our guests can dry the mushrooms they have collected in a designated area.

The lake welcomes all anglers. Each of our guests has the opportunity to fish on several nearby lakes, which are regularly stocked. Guests have the opportunity to purchase a fishing card directly at the Guesthouse for a symbolic fee. In addition, we have a 4-person rowboat and a pedal boat at the disposal of our guests. We provide our guests free of charge bicycles, Nordic walking sticks and baskets and knives for mushrooms. In addition, deck chairs and mattresses for relaxing in the park, as well as an archery range. During the cold season, we additionally invite you to the ice rink on the frozen ponds. We are only a few kilometers away from the beginning of the canoeing trip down the Brda River in Swieszyno. We put our guests in touch with the organizers of the rafting trip, who offer a few hours on the river adventure. The beauty and unspoiled nature is rated higher by many than canoeing down the Krutynia River in Masuria. Zagaje Guesthouse is located approx. 60km from the nearest beach, making it convenient for day trips to the sea.

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