About Us

If you once longed to be at the so-called end of the world, to immerse yourself in the boundless silence, to stay for a while in the tender embrace of nature and do no more, no less, just NOTHING, with us you will fulfill this dream.

On the outskirts of Kashubia, in the Land of Miasteczko Lakes, away from the surrounding villages you will find our oasis of peace – Zagaje Guesthouse – a place created and run consciously so that as soon as you cross our threshold you can make a deep EXHAUST, slow down your pace and just BE, enjoying the atmosphere of respite and time without a clock.

Here you really look in vain for traces of civilization: the closest thing is the woods and the lake, and the only “neighbors” are our pets. From the windows you can’t see any roads, and the sky is dotted with stars, you can’t hear cars, only the flutter of birds’ wings.

Such silence in our house!

We welcome you to our charming place
We are both very active professionally and socially, and our life has gained such momentum recently that there was a need to slow down a bit and gain distance. When we started running Gościniec, it was important for me to create a space conducive to deep relaxation, so that in the atmosphere of upbuilding conversations and various activities in the spirit of SLOW, our guests could find their lost balance.

We offer a real mental detox, healthy, vegan cuisine, and the program of activities will never be overloaded, because this is also where we want to be in harmony.

The whole wealth of our knowledge and experience awaits our guests here together with us - we are happy to share tried and tested ways to improve the quality of life. Development workshops that we offer, morning meditation, evening relaxation, massage with the sound of Tibetan bowls and gongs - all this to help our guests find their own center, a way back home.

Renata and Łukasz Gwara



For those who value peace and quiet

The location of the Guesthouse under the forest by the lake will allow you to relax in nature, away from the city and the hustle and bustle of people

For hedonists

On the territory of the Guesthouse you will find a sauna, a place to relax by the pond, rest on deck chairs, a wooden swing; and in winter we will invite you to walruses 🙂

For athletes

If you like to spend time actively, we also have something for you: bicycles for rent on site, fishing rods for fishing enthusiasts, the possibility of diving in nearby lakes, and even nearby horse studs and canoe rental.

By the lake

In the forest

Adults only




Bicycles on site


Our pets are Cats and Cows

Spend a special time at Zagaje Guesthouse
Dining Room
Gościniec Zagaje, to nie tylko piękne widoki, ale również przepyszne dania. Our cuisine is appreciated by both gourmets of traditional dishes and the sublime palates of vegetarians and vegans. We encourage you to visit our pantry, where you will find delicacies from our meadow and the work of our hands, enclosed in jars and tins.
Tasty Bites Gallery

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