Aromatherapy in sauna


session up to 60 min.


35 pln / person*

*It can be included in the total price, depending on the chosen stay offer or workshops.


Aromatherapy session in our luxurious sauna connects the best propriety of aromatherapy and traditional sauna. We use natural essential oils with chosen fragrances in our sessions. Such a session affects participants in many ways. The oils are absorbed by the skin, inhaled with the air into lungs and the scent activates emotional memory and influences the frame of mind. Such inhalation can help diminish symptoms of infections of the upper respiratory tract or inflammation of the throat, boosts your immune system and supports the nervous system. Every essential oil has its unique properties and a scent, which affect your body and mind. For instance, the lavender oil boosts relaxation and reduces stress, while citrus oil braces you up and actuates.

Dry air makes it possible to remain in high temperature. A session in a sauna consists of repeatable cycles of heating and cooling the organism, by turns. Between the turns, you relax in the space located by the sauna and replace lost liquids. Constant opening of the pores in your skin and sweating are the effects of such warm bathing. Staying in the dry sauna enables removing toxins from the organism, relaxes, improves your blood circulation and cleanses your skin. Such sessions in the sauna, performed regularly, have got many other healing properties, which has been scientifically proven.

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