session up to 60 min.


50 pln / two people*

*For the guests who stay for a night: 30 mins session included

A night in the Beehive House – price and duration undergo individual estimation.


Staying very close to happy bees may strengthen your psychophysical condition. Beehive therapy in our unique Beehive House enables an extraordinary connection between a human and nature. The beehive air is full of scents and pheromones emitted by bees. While honey production, water from the pollen evaporates and creates a specific microclimate. In this process, germicidal and virucidal geraniol is the by-product. Additionally, the scent of honey, wax and other bee products take part.

Bees create a biofield which is used by them for bio-energy-informative system. Frequency of the field supports treatment of nervous ailments and regaining inner peace. The sound of working bees is relaxing and regulates our sleep.

Such a form of natural therapy may be preventive and healing, has positive influence on upper respiratory tract and lungs, helps with allergies, is beneficial for the cardiovascular system and can boost the immune system. Therapy in the Beehive House in Zagaje will help you soothe your nerves and improve your psyche.

During our beehive therapy you do not have any direct contact with the bees, so such a session is fully safe for the human being! Even when you are just passing by, you are welcome to our session. We offer it only in spring and summer (from May till September)!

Dear Guests! A longer session can be included in the total price, depending on the chosen stay offer or workshops. A night in the Beehive House – price and duration undergo individual estimation.

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