Mental spa

Sound therapy is one of the holistic methods of healing the body and mind. Tibetan singing bowls and the gong vibrate, which activates every cell of the human body.  These instruments emit soothing, subtle sounds that relax the body and human psyche, purify and regenerate them.

Price: 160 pln / person

Dry air makes it possible to remain in high temperature. A session in a sauna consists of repeatable cycles of heating and cooling the organism, by turns. Between the turns, you relax in the space located by the sauna and replace lost liquids. 

Price: 35 pln / person

Shinrin yoku, in other words „forest bathing” or „forest therapy”, is the Japanese practice of conscious and intentional devoting yourself to nature and environment. Living in a municipal environment and in closed spaces constantly is the reason for forgetting about our natural roots.

Price: 65 pln / two people

During our beehive therapy you do not have any direct contact with the bees, so such a session is fully safe for the human being! Even when you are just passing by, you are welcome to our session. We offer it only in spring and summer (from May till September)!

Price: 50 pln / two people

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