Massage with tibetan bowls and gong


session up to 50 min.


160 pln / person*

*It can be included in the total price, depending on the chosen stay offer or workshops.

Massage with tibetan bowls and gong

Sound therapy is one of the holistic methods of healing the body and mind. Tibetan singing bowls and the gong vibrate, which activates every cell of the human body.  These instruments emit soothing, subtle sounds that relax the body and human psyche, purify and regenerate them.

It is pleasurable to listen to the sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls so it can put us in a good mood. The properly chosen tones sound delicate and are beneficial for calming down and deep silencing. We can experience harmony, perception of the time which slows down and racing thoughts are softened while plunging in these sounds.

In the sound massage, hearing impressions are connected with vibrations of the bowls which touch the skin directly. Human body consists mainly of water. Sounds spread in the water much better than in the air. The sounds are microscopic waves of energy which reach not only the visible organs of our body, like skin, muscles or bones, but the smallest parts, cells of our body, so the nervous system, as well. 

During the session, muscle tension can be reduced and the flow of energy in the organism can be improved. It will diminish the level of stress, improve concentration, put us in a state of relaxation and meditation, will cause energy purification and will harmonise our body and mind.  The massage with Tibetan singing bowls and a gong is the experience which will improve your frame of mind and improve the awareness of your body.

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