Forest bathing (shinrin yoku)


to be individually agreed


session from 65 pln / person*

*It can be included in the total price, depending on the chosen stay offer or workshops.


Shinrin yoku, in other words „forest bathing” or „forest therapy”, is the Japanese practice of conscious and intentional devoting yourself to nature and environment. Living in a municipal environment and in closed spaces constantly is the reason for forgetting about our natural roots. Lack of contact with real nature makes dealing with stress more difficult, it can also cause racing thoughts, creative burnout and is the cause of declining health.

During these exceptional sessions we help our guests rebuild the deep bond between a human and nature. Phytoncides, which are emitted by trees, have a germicidal and virucidal effect when inhaled and exert protective influence on our nervous cells. Therapeutic sessions with our instructors will help you revive your senses, improve your frame of mind and experience a state of deep relaxation. Shinrin yoku will help you regain your peace, balance and will boost regeneration in many fields. 

Variety of essential oils in the forest support our immune system and emotional memory and also strengthen the feeling of relaxation.

Diving in the atmosphere of the forest – both complex and harmonious – affects the state of the mind and emotions. During such a natural therapy we encourage our guests to focus on experiencing with all their senses and to observe life in the forest. 

Forest bathing strengthens the level of vital energy and our immune system. Led by experienced guides, you will feel the reduction to your long-lasting weariness, stress, fear and will help fight depression.

Treść pochodzi ze strony Na bieżąco monitorujemy nasze treści, a kopiowanie ich bez naszej zgody jest prawnie zabronione.